Book Release Updates

I get excited about new books coming out from my favourite authors so I like to follow potential release dates. Even though they aren’t necessarily followed it does give you a sense of excitement, thinking about what’s to come.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – July 31, 2016. Available for pre-order, obviously I’m not the only one excited for this, it’s been almost ten years since the last Harry Potter book came out. I’m going through withdrawal, and I have unsatisfied desires of going to Harry Potter world.

Oh She Glows Everyday – September 6, 2016. Available for pre-order now. This is the second cookbook from Angela Liddon at the Oh She Glows blog. I have the first cookbook and follow her blog, so I’m excited to see what comes out with this one.

The Fate of the Tearling – November 29, 2016. Book 3 of the Queen of the Tearling Series, excited to see what happens next with this one. Also there’s currently a movie in development potentially staring Emma Watson so can’t miss that.

Three Sisters, Three Queens – August 9, 2016. The next book from Philippa Gregory set in the Tudor time period (she must be running out of people to write about by now). This one is about Henry the VIII’s sisters and Katherine of Aragon.

Carve the Mark – January 17, 2017. Veronica Roth’s next book series after Divergent. It’s not that I’m a huge Divergent fan, but Veronica Roth was so young when It came out I’m curious to see how she’s matured and developed as a writer.


Books I’m not holding my breath about…

Doors of Stone – Book three in the Kingkiller Chronicles, some of the best writing I’ve ever read. There was talk at one point about a release in 2016, but we’re halfway through 2016 and no update so I’m hoping for 2017 now. Or just ever. The second book was released in 2011, and there’s apparently a movie, TV show AND video game in the works.

The Winds of Winter – Now that the Game of Thrones TV show has ended it’s sixth season, the question is when will the sixth book come out. If ever. There’s speculation about 2017, but who knows. Will people care now that the TV series has moved ahead and is giving away the plot? Most likely, yes.

Unnamed Outlander Book 9 – No release date yet. It seems unfair to put Diana Gabaldon in this category as she’s usually quite quick a churning out books given the length of them, and she’s got six books to spare before being overtaken by the TV series. But it just seems as soon as a TV series or movie is involved author’s writing pace slows down significantly.


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