Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated recently by Em over at Em’s Beauty Blog for a blogger recognition award, which I am very excited about and honestly very surprised. I haven’t been blogging for very long and I can sometimes feel insecure about it. It’s nice to be told by someone else that they like what you’re doing. I do have a lot of improving still to do (like learning to make headers, I can pretty much only manage text at this point…) but I’m going along for the ride at this point.

The Rules

  1.  Write a post to show your award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Briefly describe your journey as a blogger
  4. Give advice to other bloggers
  5. Nominate a deserving blog

Blogger Journey

This blog has only existed for just over a month now, and it has exceeded my expectations so far. I’ve had blogs twice previously, a travel blog when I was backpacking and another blog about 2 years ago. Both times I over thought the process until I was so overwhelmed that it wasn’t fun any more. When I had the travel blog, I wanted to write everything that ever happened to me down on the blog and got hopelessly behind. Then because I couldn’t bear just skipping over a few weeks of travel I just stopped altogether. The second time I had been following a lot of other bloggers and just tried to imitate what they were doing instead of just doing my own thing. This time I’m just relaxing and going with the flow. I’m writing about whatever strikes my fancy and experimenting with different topics and writing styles until I find my groove.

Advice to Bloggers

As I mentioned above, it’s best to be yourself. If you try and copy what someone else has your just going to set unrealistic expectations for yourself. What is the blog for anyway? Is your goal your own enjoyment and providing engaging articles to people with similar interest or is it to become famous? People can tell if you’re being fake.

Be realistic about how often you will blog. This is another downfall I had with previous blog attempts, it’s better to blog 1-2x per week regularly then to Blog 6 times in 10 days and then not for a month. It’s easy to get carried away at the beginning and then drop off for a while. Try to pace yourself and you won’t burn out so quick like I did.


I would like to nominate:

Candace from Literary Dust

Joseph from Juander To Learn

Libberdoodle from Libberdoodle’s doodles


I hope you all will continue following me on this journey, suggestions are always welcome.



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