Big Little Lies

Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? Do people even watch the Oscars anymore? I usually tune in to watch part of the red carpet and the opening monologue. Apparently I missed all the drama!

I checked out of the Oscars to watch Episode 2 of Big Little Lies. I’ve been excited for this show to air. I liked the book, and they amped it up with a killer cast. I don’t have HBO so I missed last weeks episode and went to my mom’s house to watch the first two last night. I was definitely impressed.


I first got introduced to Liane Moriarty through blogging funny enough. In the summer I was frequently reading top ten Tuesday posts and her books seemed to be everywhere. I think Big Little Lies was the first one I picked up, but I burned through a few of them in a matter of weeks. They’re drama-filled quick reads, chick-lit as they say, that usually have a dark theme or undertone. Her books tend to touch on deep, complex topics and yet the feel of the books always seems to be rather light. I’m glad for the sake of the show that they chose to go deeper into these topics rather than just stay at it’s gossipy surface.

Reese Witherspoon is perfect as Madeline Mackenzie. She falls somewhere between Elle Woods and Tracy Flick (Also how old is Reese Witherspoon, she looks amazing!) and this character feels like it was made for her. I was also very impressed with Adam Scott as Ed Mackenzie, in the book the men don’t get a whole lot of attention but in the first two episodes he appears at just the right moments and is a great counterpoint to Reese. Also the little girl who plays their daughter Chloe is hilarious.

Overall, the casting is really good, which is a serious feat for any book turned movie or tv-show. They’ve done a good job styling Shailene Woodley to plain her down a little bit to fit Jane. And I think Zoe Kravitz has been a good fit so far for Bonnie. I’m also impressed that they’ve given Renata more screen time. In the book the stand-off between the women seems rather one-dimensional. But so far they’ve provided a bit more perspective from Renata’s side which is refreshing.

After watching these first few episodes I’m very excited to see where the show goes. Have you been watching?


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