Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 + 17

Don’t get between a pregnant girl and her ice cream.

Baby Size: Orange + Pomegranate, sometimes I wonder about these size transitions and if they’re actually getting bigger. At 18 weeks the baby is now the size of an artichoke, is an artichoke really bigger than a pomegranate?

Pregnancy Symptoms: Now that I’m into my second trimester I’m thankfully over most of the unpleasantness of the first trimester. I feel more normal now, I’m definitely still more tires than usual but overall am back to my normal self. I’m one of the lucky ones and my nausea went away pretty much as soon as I hit 13 weeks, but don’t you worry it was quickly replaced by other pregnancy unpleasantness, namely heartburn and VERY slow moving digestion. Along with the slow moving digestion comes other unpleasantness that I won’t get into detail about for fear that you’ll run away from my blog and never come back! I seem to get heartburn like clockwork every evening right as I go to bed, I guess it’s triggered by the lying down. I’ve been taking some Tums as I get it which seems to help, but overall it’s really not the most pleasant experience. As for the slow moving digestion, I’ve made several trips to my local pharmacy for help but nothing seems to have cured the problem yet. I’d rather not have to take daily medication for it if I don’t have to, but right now it seems my only option. I’m going to try and improve my eating since I’m sure that’s not helping the cause right now. During the first trimester I wanted to eat ALL the carbs and while it’s gotten better the past few weeks, I’m definitely eating quite a bit more white bread than usual. I also am usually lactose-intolerant but as soon as I heard that it sometimes goes away or decreases during pregnancy I have been taking full advantage as evidenced by the giant ice cream cone above. This is most likely not helping the problem either. If any of you have suggestions for this problem, I am all ears!

As you can tell by the photo above I have not managed to get the shiny, thick, lovely hair and glowing skin that was promised. Actually now that I’m looking at that photo I really am due for a visit to the hairdresser. My hair and skin haven’t really changed at all since I’ve been pregnant to be honest, I had about a week of breakouts right around the end of the first trimester but other than that it’s pretty much stayed the same. My skin is on the dry side so heading into winter I was definitely hoping for some extra skin hydration but doesn’t seem to be happening so far.

Weight Gain and Baby Bump: To my eyes I don’t really look like I have a bump yet, I just look like I’m bloated/gained ten pounds. My partner and close friends have told me that I do in fact look pregnant, but I can’t tell if they’re just saying that to be nice. You can judge for yourself in the photo below, do I look pregnant?

17 weeks pregnancy bump |

I’m still mostly wearing regular clothes, neither the jeans nor top in this photo are maternity items. I have bought some maternity items but it’s more for comfort than really needing them at this point. Pants that are low rise are still okay, but anything that’s tight around my stomach feels very uncomfortable. As for weight gain, I haven’t actually gained any weight from my starting point. I gained back the two or so pounds that I lost in the first trimester, but haven’t gained anything else. I’ve been a bit worried about it, but I’m trying not to think to much about it. I have another ultrasound in just over a week and then hopefully I’ll be able to get a sense of how the baby is measuring size wise and see if everything looks on track. I just really haven’t been hungry to be honest, I’m really trying to eat healthy but I get full so quickly and it’s been hard to get in the habit of regular snacking through the day. I just eat when I feel hungry since I work from home opposed to having regular lunch/break times, but since I never really feel hungry I have to come up with a new system. I think it’s a combination of slow digestion and having everything a bit cramped in my stomach area that is making me not hungry? We’ll see what the ultrasound says and in the meantime I’ll try to come up with a more regular eating schedule.

Exercise: This is definitely an area where’s there’s room for improvement. Now that I’m feeling better and have more energy I don’t really have an excuse for not hitting the gym regularly. I live downtown so I do walk regularly, which is something at least, but I’m paying for a gym membership it would really make sense to use it. Do any of you have a regular gym routine you stuck with during pregnancy? Unfortunately my gym (Equinox) doesn’t offer any prenatal classes and since the membership is rather expensive I don’t really want to pay extra money to go somewhere else. I’ve done some gym cardio here and there on the elliptical, or incline walking on the treadmill but I would like to get back into a regular light weight workout since I already feel like I’m losing muscle tone. I’ve also heard that being strong and in good shape for labour can help things move along more quickly and smoothly which can only be a good thing. We’ll see if I can come up with a good routine that I can stick to.

Upcoming Appointments: As I mentioned i am now about a week and a half away from my anatomy ultrasound. I am very excited to see the baby again and see that everything is going well and of course get to know if the baby is a boy or a girl! It’ll have been almost eight weeks since my last ultrasound which feels like forever. I don’t know how I’m going to last through the whole second half of pregnancy without any more of them. I guess you feel more confident once your baby is bigger and you feel them moving around regularly?

Pregnancy/Baby Purchases:  I’ve bought a few maternity pieces and that’s about it. I’m trying to hold off on buying baby stuff for now since we live in a small apartment, anything we buy we have to store. But I’ve also been warned by my SIL (who just had her little baby boy today, yay Danielle!) not to push everything into the third trimester since I will be more tired and not really feel like doing anything. So we’ll have to find a balance of when the best time to buy is. I am also planning on having a baby shower so do I wait until after that to buy whatever I still need?

So that brings me to the end of the 16/17 week update, things are moving along quite quickly now. I’m trying to contain myself from constantly looking ahead to the next phase, the next appointment and just enjoy where I am now. But it’s quite difficult, I just keep imagining what it’ll be like once I have a little tiny baby in my arms! Until next time.


7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 + 17

  1. Valerie says:

    I thought I looked like I had a bump when I was 18/19 weeks but when I look back, I just look sort of frumpy, lol. Now, at almost 26 weeks, it’s definitely obvious that a baby’s in there, lol.
    The anatomy scan is so exciting! Hope the time flies for you until then! 🙂


  2. Samantha Flores says:

    How exciting for you! Congratulations! I am currently 36 weeks today with our first baby and I can definitely attest to the tiredness of the third trimester you mentioned. For us, we waited until after our baby shower to buy things because you get so much from family and friends. Plus, the gift cards that are also given help with the expensive stuff. I guess it would also depend on how far along you are when you have your shower. Regardless, baby shopping is so fun! Congrats again and best of luck at your anatomy ultrasound!🤗


  3. Jose J. Velez says:

    My lady didn’t have a noticeable bump until about 20-22 weeks or so. She actually lost some weight (docs orders) and I think that led to a late bump coming out. Now at 31 weeks, the bump is OUT THERE…but its beautiful!.


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