Pregnancy Update: Weeks 18 + 19

We’re halfway there!

Baby Size: Artichoke + Mango. Don’t get me started on the whole baby size as a fruit thing… I’m twenty weeks now and apparently the baby is the size of a banana, but at thirty weeks it’ll somehow be the size of a zucchini, aren’t they the same size!?!? I know, I know, I should just let it go.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Things are mostly the same around here these days, not much improvement on what I was complaining about last time and now I’ve got insomnia to add to the list. Overall though I really shouldn’t complain since I’ve had it relatively easy compared to a lot of people and compared to the first trimester I’m still sitting pretty.  I think the hardest part is just feeling a lack of energy, feeling tired all the time is just making me not feel like doing anything. Combined with the weather turning into winter-like temperatures, I think I’m at risk of turning into a hermit! Another weird thing I’ve been getting lately are stabbing pains in my nipples. They seem to happen randomly, I’ll have them for a few minutes but they nothing for a few days. I assume it’s related to milk ducts and everything gearing up, but it’s quite shocking when you’re not expecting it. I got my hair cut last week and my hairdresser commented that my hair does feel thicker and that I’ve got a lot of baby hairs right now. Maybe I am getting the full pregnancy hair after all! She did say that a lot of the thickness is at the back, so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed? Hopefully that means when it thins out after I have the baby that I won’t notice that either.

Weight Gain and Belly Bump: I actually started gaining a little weight these past few weeks and I’m up about 3 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s still not a lot but if I keep gaining around 1 lb a week for the rest of pregnancy that would put me at 23-24 lbs which on the low end of the normal range. I have heard that weight gain picks up for a lot of people in the last trimester so I may just be one of those that packs on the weight at the end.

19 weeks pregnancy bump |

This photo was taken right as I turned 19 weeks and I still don’t really have a bump, but I feel like in the last week and a half I’ve actually popped out a little bit and am starting to look a bit pregnant. I’ve invested now in a few more maternity pieces, I can still get away with wearing the majority of my regular clothing but I needed some new bras. I figured if I was going to buy new ones I should get ones that I can breastfeed in, but I really have no idea what size my boobs will be by that point. Some people seem to only go up one size, while others go up three or four! I’m going to visit my cousin on Friday who has a nine month old and I’m going to see if I fit any of her maternity stuff. One thing I definitely need to get is one of those winter coat extenders, it’s already getting to be a tight fit in my winter jacket.

Anatomy Scan:  Probably the most exciting thing that happened in the last two weeks is that we had our twenty week anatomy scan and found out baby’s sex! I will post it on the blog, just have a few more close friends/family to tell before I do. It was awesome to get such an in-depth look at baby, we were in there for close to an hour and a half! The baby was mostly cooperative except that it didn’t want to show us their hands. It kept them in little fists by its face the whole time. There was lots of having my tummy jiggled and being told to fake cough to try and get the baby to move and finally right at the end the technician got the shot she needed which means we won’t have to go back and have another one (would that be so bad?). The technician didn’t tell us anything about our results directly, except the sex, luckily we had a midwife appointment booked for two days later so we didn’t have to wait long. The results were great, everything came back normal so nothing to worry about. Lots of people with abnormal results end up with perfectly healthy babies but it’s nice to not have the extra stress of worrying. I suppose I should stop worrying about my weight gain too since the baby was measuring right at twenty weeks (I had the scan at 19 weeks, 4 days) so no growth issues there. Obviously there’s still a risk of something happening but I’ll take this as a sign that I should relax a little bit.

So that’s about it for this update. I’m trying to focus on being in the moment with this pregnancy and not take it for granted. Who knows what will happen in the future so it’s always possible that this will be my only pregnancy even though I plan to have more kids. I still haven’t bought a lot of baby stuff yet, I feel like I want to enjoy Christmas and the holidays before I get into serious baby planning mode. There’s obviously lots to do, but three months should be plenty to get myself organized, right?


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 18 + 19

  1. kristinmoras says:

    Congrats on your little baby bump! I was the same way weight wise with both of my pregnancies. I didn’t gain much weight until the third trimester and then boy did I gain it! Also, the boob pain is so weird. It gets better though, I promise!


  2. Samantha Flores says:

    Congratulations on a normal anatomy scan! I know waiting for those results can be stressful, but I’m glad you can now relax knowing baby is doing great in there. This is a very exciting time in pregnancy because now you will start to pop out more and baby’s kicks/movements will become stronger. Excited to hear your next update of baby’s sex! 🙂


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