Fall Reading List

Now that the weather is turning a little cooler it’s really putting me in the mood to cozy up with a good book. So here’s what I’ve been reading so far this fall and what’s on my to read list.

I’ve only had so-so results with my fall reading so far with a few disappointments, the highlight would definitely be The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory. I mentioned this book already in my Friday favourites post. Another book I’ve been into this fall is The Snowman by Jo Nesbo.  I actually decided to read this book after seeing a preview for the movie (I have no idea if the movie is any good but it made me want to read the book) that just came out recently. The author has written quite a few books and this one is actually book seven or eight in a series, but I found it didn’t matter that I hadn’t read the earlier books. It’s a murder mystery with lots of twists and turns, I found it higher quality than a lot of the popular American murder mystery writers whose books can get rather predictable.

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I was very excited to read Into The Water by Paula Hawkins since I really liked The Girl on the Train, but I found it only okay. It wasn’t bad by any means but I think she was a victim of her own success a little in that she couldn’t live up to her previous book. It was an interesting premise with the history of the local area and all these different women’s stories. I think there may have been too many different characters that I never really felt fully invested in any of them. The next book is similar in that I liked The Woman In Cabin Ten by Ruth Ware but only felt so-so with The Lying Game. The story seemed really interesting when I read the excerpt, and I was interested for the first chunk of the book but it just seemed to lose steam for me as the book went on. By the time you find out what the big mystery is and what happened I just didn’t really care anymore. Again, not a bad book per say, but I would definitely recommend The Woman In Cabin Ten over this one. Finally, the book I was most disappointed with was The Girl Who Takes an Eye For an Eye. I want to be clear that I’m not one of those people just hating on David Lagercrantz for taking over the series, I did in fact like the first book he wrote for it, this one was just all over the place. Even though it seemed to follow the general format of the previous books, the story didn’t feel like it had a lot of substance. It felt like it was going on all sorts of different tangents and they didn’t really come together. I was interested when it started with the story of the Swedish market crash but then that story line seemed to go nowhere, I’m still not sure what that had to do with anything, did I miss something?

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So that’s what I’ve read so far this fall, here’s what I’m excited for: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a book that everyone seems to be talking about. I think it’s teen fiction but it seems to be relevant to pretty much everyone, I hope it’s not a book that’s over hyped. Along the same lines I’m interested to read Origin by Dan Brown. I think I’ve read pretty much all of his books, but I’ve been burned a bit recently by returning to popular authors so I think I will try and hold off my high hopes for this one. Another book I’m looking forward to is Renegades by Marissa Meyer since I love me a little teen fantasy. I really liked the Cinder series and found it a bit quirky and offbeat compared to other teen fantasy series so I’m curious to see what she’s written now. Last year I did a post on 30 books to read before you turn 30 and read a lot of other people’s lists of their favourite books and one book that seemed to come up again and again was 100 Years of Solitude, so I bought it and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. Terrible, I know! So now I’d really like to read it and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been on a bit of a murder mystery/suspense tear lately and I think it’s time to get back into some serious literature.

Aside from fiction there are three cookbooks that have come out recently that I’m very excited to get my hands on. Smitten Kitchen Every Day looks awesome, I’ve been following her blog for a while now and made a lot of recipes from her site and pretty much every single one has been excellent. Basics to Brilliance by Donna Hay is the next one I’m excited for, I have a few of her other books and she just seems to pump out solid, uncomplicated recipes. Third is 5 ingredients by Jamie Oliver. I have his Everyday Super Food book and it was good, but I found I needed a lot of ingredients that I don’t normally have and could be difficult to find (to be fair to him the book was recipes inspired by the ‘blue zones’ for health which are varied cuisines), so I’m glad that this one looks to be more simple.

So that’s it for my fall reading list, what’s on yours? Have you read any of the books I mentioned above?

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