Eating While Pregnant – 2nd Trimester

Originally when I was first planning this post I was going to do a What I Ate Wednesday sort of post. Back when I was attempting to blog previously, in around 2014 or so, the WIAW thing seemed to be what everyone was doing, it seems to have faded in popularity. Anyway as I began planning the post, I was thinking about what I would eat the day of my post and instead of it being an accurate reflection of what I was actually eating it became my interpretation of what I thought I was supposed to be eating.

I’ve actually seen dieting advice to take pictures of your food, since apparently just by having to take a photo of what you’re eating automatically makes you eat healthier. Well, thinking that people would judge me based on said photos definitely made me want to pick the perfect day of eating. Which in the end sort of defeats the whole purpose of WIAW in the first place. So, instead I decided to make this a general overview of what I’ve been craving and eating while in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

One week's grocery haul |

One weeks grocery haul

There’s two extremes when people talk about eating during pregnancy; there’s the you’re eating for two, you deserve to indulge your cravings camp, and there’s the you’re determining your child’s future health and well being so you shouldn’t eat any empty calories camp. In reality we all probably fall somewhere in the middle, I definitely do. Before I got pregnant I thought I’d be one of those health warrior pregnant women who continued working out and doing boot camp classes and only ate super healthy food. Then I actually got pregnant, felt way to exhausted to get my butt to the gym, and wanted to eat ALL the carbs. Well carbs with some melted cheese, and a little bit of fruit thrown in.

Pregnancy eats 2nd trimester |

(Clockwise L-R) Pecan sticky bun with decaf espresso, meal prep nicoise salad, stir fry with ground chicken and veggies, homemade apple sauce and tea with almond milk

Luckily now that I’m into the second trimester I feel a lot better and am back to more normal eating. Some vegetables are once again being consumed, don’t worry!

Cravings: Pretty much all my food cravings right now revolve around carbs and sugar. I’m not sure if it’s a result of being more tired than usual or it has to do with hormones, but I could just eat bread for days. Basically I will eat any form of bread, and if there’s melted cheese involved, it’s all over. I bought a pack of hot cross buns on the weekend (pack of eight) and ate the whole thing in three days. I love hot cross buns with melted cheese on top, my mom used to make this for me when I was a kid. I only discovered recently that most people find this very weird, I thought everyone did this! I have converted my partner Greg to liking them, and a few other people I have made try it conceded that it’s not as bad as they thought it would be. I’ll take that as a win. Other things I’m loving; macaroni and cheese, pizza, raisins, apple sauce, pomegrantes, and oranges. I’ve actually started putting raisins on my cold cereal which is something I’ve never done before.

I’m trying to reign in my carb cravings a little bit so that I’m not overloading on sugar and getting a bit of balance of nutrients. Some of my *tricks* so to speak have been homemade apple sauce with granola. Homemade apple sauce is super easy to make, just apple slices and water over low heat until it combines. I usually leave the skin on the apples since I’m lazy and add some cinnamon for flavour. If you eat it warm with some granola it’s like eating a healthier version of apple crumble. The apple sauce will be more or less sweet depending on the type of apple you use. I’ve been into Empire apples lately. Another trick I’ve used when you’re really craving carbs is protein pancakes. I got this recipe initially from a paleo blog, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the link again. The recipe is super simple, for one portion; one mashed banana, two eggs beaten, 1 tbsp flour (the initial recipe used ground flax to keep it paleo, but regular flour works too), and a drizzle of vanilla extract or sprinkle of cinnamon for flavour. If you want to make the recipe for more than one person you just double it (or triple etc.). You mix everything together and cook the same way as regular pancakes. The texture is slightly different, but it still satisfies that carb craving while being higher in protein.

Pregnancy Eats 2nd Trimester |

(Clockwise L-R) Steel cut oats with raisins, sheet pan chicken tikka with cauliflower and potato, Cupcake!, Mac and Cheese (it’s organic, that means it’s healthy right?)

Aversions: aversions is a rather strong word, there aren’t any foods that I’m really put off by, it’s more that I just don’t really feel like eating certain things. In all the pregnancy books there are stories of women just smelling certain foods and having to leave the room or be sick, I haven’t experienced anything like that thankfully. The main thing I’m not really super keen on is vegetables and certain meats. It’s not that I can’t eat them I just have to really make an effort to include them in meals. Smoothies have helped, I usually add some spinach to get some greens, and I’m okay with some salads as long as I don’t overdue it. Another weird one for me is I’m not really keen on ground meats at the moment. I usually use ground meat for a lot of weeknight recipes, stir fries, burrito bowls etc. but the texture of ground meat is not particularly appetizing at the moment. Now that I think about it, beans and lentils as well, the thought of eating beans does not sound fun. I don’t tend to eat a lot of them to begin with, but it’s usually something I’m trying to get myself to eat more of since they’re quite healthy. Really not feeling it at the moment though.

The other weird change I’ve noticed is that I get full quite quickly. I find it hard to sit down to a full meal, I eat a small portion and I’m full, but an hour later I want to have a snack again. This is common in pregnancy I’ve heard, since the baby is pushing on all your digestive organs it makes you feel full. The only problem is that my inclination as far as snacking goes usually involves bread, so I’m trying to come up with alternate snack ideas. These are what I’ve been eating lately; apple slices with peanut butter, veggie sticks with hummus, fruit smoothie with spinach, whole grain cereal with almond milk, yogurt with granola, fruit, mostly pomegranates, and oranges.

So there you have it, a general idea of what I’ve been eating while in my second trimester. Sorry for the so-so quality of the photos, my phone camera is not great and food photography is harder than it looks! It makes me appreciate all the beautiful recipe photos from my favourite blogs.

What were/are your favourite foods while pregnant? How did you manage to not just gorge on bread and cheese the whole time?

3 thoughts on “Eating While Pregnant – 2nd Trimester

  1. newmomhealthandfitness says:

    I love your post! I’ve been thinking of doing one similar to this. I am definitely in the same carb craving boat that your in. I work in a restaurant and I bake cookies and muffins in the morning. It takes a huge amount of will power as well as planning my snacks to avoid feasting on all of the pastries and delicious food. I’ve been eating a tonne of veggies and ranch dip and trying to bring fruit to work. I have a smoothie most mornings and am in love with northern gold granola (the one with freeze dried berries!.) Also what is it with oranges and pomegranates… I haven’t ate so many in my whole 27 years on this Earth. I love the combination of vanilla Greek yogurt and pomegranate seeds also french toast with peanut butter banana and pomegranate seeds was my fave breakfast for a while.


    • FlimsyLion says:

      Yeah it’s weird with the pomegranates, I would never really buy them before because they are a bit of effort to eat, but now I get some whenever I’m at the grocery store. I haven’t tried them on French toast with peanut butter and banana I clearly have to get on that.

      Liked by 1 person

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