Top Ten Tuesday – Winter To Read List

I did a few of these posts last summer, it’s a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and The Bookish every Tuesday. There’s a different theme each week, it’s a fun way to see what other people are reading and get recommendations for books you may not have chose to read otherwise. I already shared a few books I’m looking forward to reading on my Fall Reading List post, but here are eight books that I’d like to read this winter.

  1. Iron Gold – Pierce Brown This book doesn’t actually come out until January, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing what happens next, once I realised this series wasn’t a trilogy! Apparently there’s a movie in the works for the first book in this series as well so have to keep up to date.
  2. Timeline – Michael Crichton I’ve never read any of his books before but a friend of mine was raving about him the other day so I thought I should try one out. Initially I thought I’d go for Jurassic Park, but then I figured I should start with something totally fresh for my first read.
  3. Core – Peter V. Brett This is another fantasy series that I incorrectly assumed was a trilogy, this is book five, I believe the last in the series. I am very curious to see how the author wraps everything up.
  4. The Woman Who Stole My Life – Marian Keyes This is another new author for me, I saw her recommended on a list for people who are fans of Liane Moriarty which I found while checking to see if she had a new book coming out soon. I’m excited to see if Keyes lives up to the comparison.
  5. The Dark Tower – Stephen King I have a confession, the only Stephen King book that I’ve read is Carrie and I found it a bit weird/unpleasant. To be fair I don’t really like horror as a genre so I’ve decided to give one of the most prolific writers of our time another chance. I’ve heard a lot of really good things about this book and it seems topical since the movie just came out (although it’s getting bad reviews).
  6. American Gods – Neil Gaiman On the flip side, this TV series seems to be getting very good reviews but I thought I should read the book first. Another confession, I haven’t read any Neil Gaiman books, I know, I know. I have to read it quick so I can catch up on Lincoln from The 100.
  7. The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith I love Harry Potter as much as the next girl so it’s really quite remarkable that I haven’t read this book already. I did read The Casual Vacancy though and really liked it so I’m ready for more J K Rowling.
  8. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell This is another book that’s been on my radar for a while but I just never got around to reading it. It seems like a cute story and has a pretty high rating on good reads so why not?

So there you have it, what I’d like to read through the dark and dreary winter. Its a mix of old favourites and new discoveries. What about you? What is on your list of books to read this winter? Does the cold weather make you crave a certain genre?

The photo in the header is by Adam Chang on Unsplash

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Winter To Read List

    • FlimsyLion says:

      Hmmm interesting about Crichton, I did noticed on goodreads that most of his books only received okay level ratings. Could definitely see what your husband meant about the innovative ideas.


  1. Annemieke says:

    Oh I am the same with Stephen King. I dnf-ed Dreamcatcher. But I’d really like to give him another try with this series as well.
    I just finished the Casual Vacancy and didn’t enjoy it as much but I do want to try reading The Cuckoo’s Calling when I can get it from the library. 🙂


  2. readbykylie says:

    I just learned earlier today about JK Rowlings other books under a different name! I had no idea. I don’t know how they’ve been hiding from me for so long. If you want to try a good Stephen King book read 11/22/63! Loved that one.


  3. Bonnie @ For the Love of Words says:

    I read American Gods too this year and it was a bizaare but very interesting read. Fangirl is super fantastic and i don’t even much care for Contemporary as a standard. You’ve got some great picks, I hope you enjoy them!

    Liked by 1 person

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