Pregnancy Update: Weeks 22 + 23

It feels like shit is starting to get real. It’s crazy to think that in the next couple of weeks if the baby were to be born she could potentially survive. Obviously I would like her to stay in there a while longer and I’m not trying to trivialize the experience of parents with pre-term babies. But, it does make it feel more real, like she’s a real squirmy baby in there rather than a little tadpole, alien thing. 

Baby Size: Coconut + Grapefruit (I swear a coconut is bigger than a grapefruit…)

Symptoms: More of the same I think really. Still having trouble sleeping most nights, still not fantastic in the area of digestion. The only new one I’ve gotten the last week is a bit of swelling. But oh no, I don’t mean swelling in the feet and legs like a lot of pregnant women get, I will leave the rest up to your imagination. It seems to happen if I spend a lot of time sitting, spend a lot of time on my feet or do exercise, so yes basically all the time. I had a midwife appointment this week and she said it’s most likely caused the extra weight of my uterus pressing down on everything and I should try drinking more water and doing kegel exercises. I’m pretty sure that seems to be the answer for everything in pregnancy, drink more water and do kegels and somehow I’m still not doing them…oops…

As for other funny pregnancy things, I have yet to see any sign of linea nigra. I’m not sure if that means I won’t get it or if it can show up anytime during pregnancy. My belly button is still an innie for the moment, although I have a rather deep belly button so I can’t imagine it sticking all the way out. Of course my belly isn’t that big yet either so there’s still lots of time. I haven’t seen any stretch marks yet, but see above re belly size. Also it seems that stretch marks are just genetic, you can either get them, or not, and I am already well aware that I can get them. Baby is also moving around like crazy at the moment, it’s not just little kicks and jabs any more either, I get this weird kind of whooshing feeling as well.

Weight Gain and Belly Bump: I’ve put on another pound or so, so still creeping upwards. I looked ahead in my week by week pregnancy app (I use the Bump) and it looks like at around 26 weeks or so baby will start putting on weight quite a bit faster so I imagine at that point I’ll start seeing some serious belly growth, and probably weight gain.

22 weeks pregnancy bump |

Still just a little belly, but I swear it seems to be rounding out a bit! I have definitely noticed my appetite is increasing the past couple of weeks. Not sure if that’s because baby is going to start gaining serious weight, or if it’s just from the slight improvement I’ve made with my digestion. I have to keep on top of my hunger though because once I get to that hungry phase, I need to eat something right away. In those cases it usually ends up being something not particularly healthy.

Midwife Appointment: I had my monthly midwife appointment right near the end of 23 weeks. I got to hear the baby’s heart beat with a stethoscope for the first time which was pretty cool. It’s not as loud or clear as with a doppler but apparently it gives a very good indication of how the baby is positioned since you can only hear it if the stethoscope is directly behind the baby’s chest. My blood pressure has gone up a bit, back to more normal numbers which is nice to see. The midwife also answered a bunch of questions I had, including about pain relief at the birthing centre. I knew I wouldn’t be able to have an epidural but I was a bit worried that there might not be anything available other than a birthing tub and deep breathing. I also got signed up for my birthing classes which will begin in February and I scheduled my Gestation Diabetes screening. The GD test will actually happen during my next appointment so I just arrive 15 minutes early, have my appointment and then they take my blood at the end. I thought I’d have to go to a lab to do it and just sit there for an hour with nothing to do. Overall I have to say my experience using a midwife has been amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Compared to my friends using OBs my appointments are longer and more personal and there’s a lot less time sitting around in waiting rooms (Obviously this applies to where I am Toronto, Canada, I can’t comment on what it’s like anywhere else).

loving pizza while pregnant |

This isn’t my *official* week by week photo, but may be a more accurate picture of my life right now. Mmm pizza.

Maternity Clothes: I’m mostly into maternity clothes now, but I still have a few regular shirts that are long and loose that I can still wear. I can still fit into some of my regular pants but they’re a bit uncomfortable so why bother? I’m not keen to spend a fortune on maternity stuff so I’ve been trying to buy mostly classic pieces that I can wear often, I also got some clothes donated to me from one of my cousins. Two things I do need to figure out though is some sort of belly extender for my winter jacket and a bathing suit. My winter jacket is pretty much at capacity right now and I still have three and a half months to go! One of my friends is lending me an extra jacket she has that’s an XL version of my jacket which should give me a bit of room but I’ll probably need one of those zip in extenders at some point. Any recommendations for ones you like? It gets decently cold here so I want one that preferably doesn’t lose a lot of heat, and I like the idea of having one that I could potentially use with a baby carrier underneath as well. I’m due the end of March which is usually not too cold, but we do get the occasional -20°C day in March so I want to be prepared. As for a bathing suit, I’m heading to Florida at the end of the week and need something to wear. I could probably squeeze into one I already have, but I’m a bit worried about scandalous boob spillage. I also don’t want to spend a fortune, any suggestions?

So that’s what’s happening with me at the moment. How did you feel at 22/23 weeks? Did you use a midwife or OB?

The image in the header is by on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 22 + 23

  1. kristinmoras says:

    Woohoo you’re halfway through your pregnancy! I didn’t really get stretch marks with my first pregnancy, but had a really dark Linea Nigra. This pregnancy it’s opposite. I have some stretch marks but no line! I’m also using an OB this time instead of a midwife, simply because I’m trying for a VBAC and feel safer in the hospital setting. I do miss those cozy birth center appointments though!


  2. monikamusings says:

    I used a midwife and did a home birth and then used a birthing center (the midwife’s house, lol). Both of my birth stories are on my blog if you like reading them! I love reading women’s stories of how their labor and deliveries went- it helped make it easier to imagine.
    Congrats on your healthy pregnancy!!!


    • FlimsyLion says:

      I really like reading birth stories too! Which is funny because a few years ago I would see them on people’s blogs and think that they were very weird. Maybe that’s a sign you’re ready to have kids, when you can read a birth story without cringing?

      Liked by 1 person

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