Life Lately – Babymoon, Here I Come

We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit lately, doing lots of Christmas themed activities. We went to the Toronto Christmas Market last week which I actually just found out is one of the top rated Christmas markets in the world. We go every year and if you happen to ever be in Toronto in mid-November to December then I highly recommend you give it a go. Unfortunately I couldn’t have any mulled wine this year, but the hot chocolate was pretty good too. 


In keeping with tradition it was nice and cold the evening we went. We’ve had a pretty warm December so far with most days around 5ºC but of course the evening we went it was -9ºC. We generally go on a weekday evening since it’s not as busy as the weekends, I recommend doing that if you can, you don’t have to buy a ticket and lineup.

Over the weekend I went to another small Christmas flea market where one of my friends had a stall and we hosted a gingerbread house decorating party. Our group of friends has done it for a few years now and it was our turn to host. We borrowed my mom’s house for the afternoon since our apartment is a little small to have ten people over. There are a bunch of graphic designers and creative people in the group so people come up with some pretty fun designs. Putting together the houses wasn’t as tedious as I thought it’d be, but when I was at the grocery store the day before the party they had a bunch of pre-built ones. I would have definitely bought those if I saw them first :/ . It’s definitely a fun theme for a holiday party, we are all competitive so we even print out judging cards and score each other. If you’re thinking of hosting one yourself, I’d recommend getting extra candy than what comes with the kits, it gives you a bit more options design wise.


We are getting ready to leave tomorrow to enjoy some Florida sunshine. We’re heading to Siesta Key so if any of you have any recommendations for the Sarasota area let me know! I’m not sure if this officially counts as a babymoon since my mom will be joining us but let’s call it a pregnancy getaway. It will most likely be the last time I travel before I have the baby so I have to take full advantage and suck up as much sunshine as I can. I will be 25 weeks when we fly so near the end of my second trimester, which seems to be the recommended time to travel while pregnant. I travelled to Hawaii when I was 12 weeks and that was a great trip, although I was definitely more tired than usual. It’ll be hard to compare the two flights though since this one will be significantly shorter and without a time change.

Generally it’s safe to fly while pregnant, the biggest issues seem to an increased risk of blood clots and swelling. The recommendation is to get up and move around once an hour and to drink lots of water. This flight isn’t super long so I don’t forsee any major problems, but if it were I would definitely look into getting some compression stockings which are supposed to help with circulation. Another thing to consider is the whole Zika virus situation. Zika doesn’t seem to be a hot button news topic any longer so it’s sort of disappeared, but it’s hard to know if that’s because doctors aren’t convinced of the link of getting the virus during pregnancy and birth defects, or if it’s just not trendy anymore. I decided to play it on the safe side and not travel to any zika infected areas (the warning for Florida has been removed by the CDC and when it was in place it was in the Miami area which is not that close to where I’m going). I do know a few people though who have travelled to the caribbean while pregnant so it really is a personal decision. One final thing to consider during pregnancy is travel insurance. Usually pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition when it comes to insurance so you need to make sure that you check if you’re covered. Luckily the insurance I usually get gives me coverage for up to nine weeks before your expected delivery date, but every insurance provider is different.

So there you have it, I’m ready to head off on vacation. I hope to do an update post sometime while I’m there since it’ll be almost Christmas as soon as we get back. Anyone else planning some pre-Christmas travel?

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