Pregnancy Update: Weeks 24 + 25

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately, I’ve gotten busy with the holidays as I’m sure all of you have been. Then I just got into lazy holiday mode, curling up around the fire, reading a book or watching a Christmas movie, life doesn’t get much better than that! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have lots of exciting plans for New Years, I’ll have to live vicariously.


Baby Size: Cantaloupe + Cauliflower

Before I get too much into the pregnancy update, here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been doing. We went to Florida for 5 days in the lead up to Christmas and had some amazing sunny weather. I was expecting it to be warm but we had some hot days while we were there. We were staying in a vacation rental on Siesta Key so we were right at the beach and we even ended up doing an impromptu trip to Universal studios. It was about a two hour drive to Orlando from where we were which made for a long day but we figured we should enjoy our kid-free time while we have it! I wanted to see the Harry Potter part of course and they had the Christmas lights display on Hogwarts which was awesome. Only thing I didn’t really think through was that I couldn’t go on 90% of the rides due to being pregnant, it was still fun though. I will probably do a full Florida trip recap at some point if people are interested.

We got back on December 21st and then it was pretty much straight into Christmas mode. We hosted a Christmas dinner on the 23rd for twelve people so lots of shopping and prepping to do. I have no idea how people do dinners for 20, even 30 people, 12 feels like a lot! I’m the only one in my immediate family who cooks really so it’s mostly me cooking but I get help with chopping and most importantly, cleaning. According to my mom I’m very bossy when I cook. On the 24th we visited my step mom and half brother and sister to exchange presents before heading up to my mom’s cottage. She bought it a few years ago now and it’s become a new tradition to be up there for Christmas. We had a bit of drama on the way up with a flat tire and no one wanting to fix it and ended up borrowing my step-dad’s car (ex step-dad technically, is that a thing?) turning a three hour trip into something closer to six hours. In the end though it was worth it to be up there for a beautiful, snowy Christmas morning.


cozy in the cabin on Christmas morning

We definitely got a white Christmas this year, it’s been snowing almost every day and has been a lovely – 15ºC. We even went Dogsledding on the 26th which was amazing although I think I looked like a giant Santa Claus since I was wearing whatever warm clothes I had that still fit me.  We’re back in Toronto now but we’re heading back to the cottage for New Years with friends and it’s forcast to be -30ºC ( -22ºF for you Americans) so that should be fun! I realize that many other Canadians from places like Winnipeg deal with -30 all the time, but for us Torontonians, that’s rather cold.


Dogsledding with my partner and brother in my santa outfit

* My family is a bit complicated so just to give you a recap, I have three half siblings. My brother Ryan and sister Rahel are half-siblings on my dad’s side. They’re both teenagers and live with my step-mom (my father passed away in the spring of 2015). My other half brother, Lewie is from my mom’s side. My mom and Lewie’s dad are no longer married but I still generally refer to him as my step-dad since it seems simpler. My partner Greg lives with me in Toronto but is originally from Australia. He’s the only one in Canada, his family all lives near Brisbane. It means all my nieces and nephews have adorable Australian accents. Is that complicated enough? I think we could be a sitcom.

Okay, finally, onto the actual pregnancy update!

Symptoms: Heartburn is definitely back with a vengeance, I let myself be tricked into thinking that it was starting to get better. I get it every night now, sometimes I’ll wake up to it in the middle of the night as well, even if I took some tums or zantac before I went to bed. I’ve been also getting some crazy bloating lately, though I can’t be sure if that’s from all the delicious Christmas feasting. It seems like my belly becomes double the size by the end of the day and I just feel uncomfortably full. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like my belly is a balloon that’s about to pop. Now that the holidays are coming to a close I’m trying to get back to normal eating, we’ll see if that makes a difference.

While we were in Florida I got my first pregnancy cold, it wasn’t bad by any means just a sore throat and a cough, but everything feels accentuated while you’re pregnant. It made it hard to sleep since I was coughing all through the night and I’m already more tired than usual. Since you can’t really take anything for it either I just had to tough it out. I hope somehow that I don’t get sick again. I’ll try to be extra careful with handwashing and avoiding people who’re sick.

Weight Gain and Belly Bump: I have definitely popped out now, there is no mistaking that I’m pregnant!


I haven’t taken any *official* bump photos lately so this one will have to do. My belly has rounded out quite a bit and looks more noticeably pregnant rather than just chubby. That’s a nice change, I feel better wearing more form fitting pregnancy clothes now. My weight has gone up a bit more and now I’m up to around 8lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. As I mentioned in the last update, it looks like the baby is going to really start increasing in size now so I expect my weight to increase accordingly. That, and the ridiculous amount of chocolate I’ve been eating lately. I’ve also now got a very faint linea nigra although it stops about an inch below my belly button. It’s kind of funny actually, I think I’ve had it for a little bit and I just thought that it was from a seam in my pants or underwear pressing into my skin. I only just realized today what it was.

Upcoming Appointments: I’ve got another midwife appointment at the end of next week when I’ll be 27 weeks and I have to do the glucose test. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t sound like it’ll be particularly pleasant. Hopefully it will go well and there will be no problems, I should probably start cutting down on all the chocolate though…. Also while I’m at the appointment I want to ask about baby’s position. I feel 90% of the baby’s movements on the right side of my belly so I assume that’s where her feet are? The rest of the movements I feel are much lighter and tend to be down by my pelvis, does this mean she’s lying on an angle? I know it’s still early and her position doesn’t really matter yet, I’m just curious how you tell these things since I don’t think I’m going to be having any more ultrasounds.

Gearing Up for Baby: I haven’t really thought too much about baby gear and the like since I’ve mostly decided to wait until after the holidays. Now the holidays are coming to a close so I need to actually start thinking about these things! Also my shower is going to be at the end of January and I assume I need to have my registry done before the invite goes out so that would be pretty soon? I’ve heard so many mixed things about what to register for. I want to make sure that there’s lots of affordable options on there and it’s not just bigger expensive items, but at the same time, a lot of what we need are bigger items. I’ve also heard not to bother with registering for clothes since a lot of people will give you those anyway. Should I register for small items like diaper cream and baby soap/shampoo, or don’t bother? There’s a million things to choose from!

Speaking of the shower I have to decide on some activities for that as well. I’ve only been to one baby shower, and one sip and see/meet the baby party and neither had any games or activities. It was just mostly snacks and drinks and socializing. Do people do games these days, or is it more like a regular party? Also do I have to do the public opening of presents thing? I mean I’m happy to open individual presents if people ask, but I think it’s rather boring for people to sit around and watch me open presents for half an hour. Also my registry is all online so I think if people buy stuff it’ll get sent to me directly rather than them bringing a wrapped present to the party. I’m totally clueless on these sorts of things!

Okay that post ended up much longer than I intended so I should stop myself there! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t post anything for two weeks. Any advice from any of you who are experienced shower goers is appreciated. What do you like to have when you go to a shower?

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