Pregnancy Update: Weeks 26 + 27

I’ve had a bit of a stressful week this week as I failed my one-hour gestational diabetes glucose screen and had to do the longer fasting test. I’m still waiting to get the results back from that second test and have been worrying a lot about what will happen if I fail this one as well. I know there’s no point being stressed out as there’s not really anything that I can do about it, but I’m still nervous. I’d really like to just know one way or the other.

One a more positive note though, I’ve now made it into the third trimester. It’s not too far away until I’ll have an actual baby in my arms. I have a lot that I need to get done still (as in we haven’t really got anything yet…) and I need to start thinking more seriously about actual labour o_O .

Baby Size: Kale + Lettuce

Symptoms: My belly is definitely bigger now and I’m feeling a lot more tired when I walk around or am on my feet for a long time. I’ve also started to get some minor hip soreness. Nothing too bad, but I can see how it’ll get worse the bigger I get. Also I get a bit of a tight, pulling feeling in my lower belly sometimes. I don’t think it’s Braxton Hicks, it feels more like a muscle stretching/pulling type of feeling. It seems to happen the most when I’m rolling over in bed so I assume it’s just my belly expanding and pulling on certain muscles.

One thing that’s changed a lot is baby movement, she’s squirming like crazy in there! I think she may have changed positions as the movement feels totally different now. Initially I was always feeling little jabs in my right side so I felt like her feet were over there and she was kicking me. Now it feels like a much bigger sliding, poking movement at the front of my belly. I feel like (in my very uneducated opinion) that she’s leaning with her back resting on the front of my belly. She switches sides a bit from leaning just left or just right of my belly button. I’ve also started seeing my belly move around with the movement. My belly changes shape depending on what side she’s on and I can see my stomach stick out where she pokes me. It’s pretty cool, but also kind of freaky to see your stomach moving around like that.

Weight gain and belly bump: As I mentioned, my belly has really popped out now. I’m pretty noticeably pregnant so I think most people can tell.

27 Weeks.jpg

Sorry for the bluriness of the photo, I was moving around too much as the photo was taken. I think you can get the gist of my belly size though! Along with the belly increase my weight has jumped up a bit, I gained around 5 pounds in two weeks, putting me up to around 13-14 lbs overall. Although hard to know how much of that is Christmas cookies and how much is baby. I expect to keep increasing noticeably in the next few weeks as this seems to be the point where baby starts really gaining weight. She should be around 2 ish pounds at the moment, just based on baby weight ranges and the fact that my belly is measuring right on target. So she’s going to triple or quadruple her weight in the next twelve weeks. I’m not sure how much this plays an effect, but I assume since I’m a taller, bigger person that I’ll have a bigger baby? (If she could stay under 8 lbs though, that would be lovely)

Midwife Appointments: As I mentioned, I’m anxiously awaiting the results from my glucose screening, hopefully that doesn’t take much longer. Now that I’m moving into my third trimester I’ll  be having appointments every two weeks and we’ll also be starting our birthing classes at the beginning of February, so lots of baby appointments coming up. Also my midwife informed me that both she and her back up midwife will be on vacation in February so I will have my appointments with another midwife from the clinic (the midwives get a month off at a time since they’re basically on call 24 hours while they’re working). It’s a bit daunting to think that if I go into labour early I could end up with two midwives that I’ve never even met! I’m sure they’d be fine, but I’d feel more comfortable with someone I’ve developed a relationship with. I guess that means little baby girl is not allowed to come before 36 weeks.

Buying for baby: As I mentioned in my last update I was trying to complete my baby registry since my shower is at the end of January. Well the invite with the link has gone out so hopefully it’s fine and I haven’t forgotten anything major! We haven’t bought anything yet, but we’re going this weekend to get the car seat and bassinet. Then at least we know we’ll have the most basic items covered and ready for baby’s arrival. Other than that, I think we’ll wait until after the shower to do an inventory and see what we still need. I wanted to have our shower decently early for that reason, how do people do it who have showers at like 37 weeks? I get an e-mail telling me whenever someone buys something from my registry list, it doesn’t tell me what it is but there’s a link to click to see if you want to. So far I’ve resisted temptation, but it’s hard!

Well that’s it for me for the moment, wish me luck into my third trimester!

Image in the header is by La Caravan on Unsplash 

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 26 + 27

  1. Carolina Toddler Talk says:

    I failed my 1 hour test too the first time around but it was because I hadn’t been eating enough carbs! Apparently eating low carb causes you to fail bc your body just isn’t used to processing such a large amount of glucose at once. So I carb loaded the 5 days before the 3 hour test and passed with flying colors. I wish they’d just test your A1C instead of making you drown your baby in 100g of sugar all at once

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Samantha Flores says:

    Loved reading your update! The third trimester felt much more stressful for me because of all the appointments, glucose test results, and time crunch. It was definitely exciting knowing how close we were to meeting our little bundle! Every little feeling I had, I was convinced was a sign of labor haha.. I hope you enjoy your baby shower and the birthing classes!


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