Pregnancy Update – Weeks 28 + 29

As you can see my resolution to post consistently and grow my blog is going really well so far! I seem to have dropped down to only once a week or less of posting, I’ll try and be better I promise.

Lots happening pregnancy wise, I’ve definitely popped out now and have all the discomforts to go with it.

Baby Size: Eggplant + Acorn squash, I’m really trying not to complain too much about these size comparisons, but now at 31 weeks the baby is apparently the size of an asparagus. In what world is an asparagus bigger than a squash?

Symptoms: As I mentioned my belly has definitely arrived and with it some physical discomforts. I’ve started to get some lower back pain if I stay in the same position for too long, and it’s becoming less comfortable to sleep. Peeing frequency has definitely increased as well, as has the intensity of my heartburn. I usually take Tums or Zantac before I go to bed but now I often wake up part way through the night and need to take something else. I may need to upgrade to the extra strength Zantac. Also on occasion I’ll wake up and I’ll have like a bile taste in my mouth, like the taste you get right before you throw up (sorry, it’s gross I know!). It’s quite alarming to wake up to that feeling, I’ve never felt anything like that before!

Another thing I’ve noticed lately is that I’m getting quite veiny. I have very noticeable blue veins across my chest and belly and the veins in my hands and feet are much more popped out than usual. I assume this is related to increase blood flow? My belly button is holding on for dear life at the moment but still seems to be an innie for now. Also I haven’t got any stretch marks yet, but the skin on my belly is looking mighty stretched.


Weight Gain and Belly Bump: I managed to look a little more presentable in this weeks photo! My weight has been going up and down a fair bit day to day so it’s hard to know how much I’ve actually gained. I think I’m up around another 2lbs or so, for 15-16lbs total. My belly size also seems to change throughout the day depending on what I’ve eaten, all my pictures from my shower I look gigantic! (I’m a little behind with these updates, I’m 31 weeks as of right now).

Midwife Appointments: I’ve now moved into biweekly appointments and we’re now discussing details related to the actual birth. In my latest appointment the midwife was asking me about my birth plan. I’m not sure if I should actually write out a full plan, or just let them know my preferences. Most of the things I care about will be automatic since I’m giving birth at a birth centre rather than a hospital. Things like, delayed cord clamping, skin to skin right away seem to be standard. I do have a few decisions to make about certain medical interventions. She was asking me if I want to have an injection of oxytocin after the birth to help with delivery of the placenta. Generally I’d rather have less medical intervention but this apparently can decrease your rate of hemorrhage by 50% which is a pretty big difference. We’re starting our birthing classes next week and I hope they go over a lot of this stuff, there are a lot of decisions to make!


Prepping for Baby: we had our shower this past weekend as I mentioned which was  a lot of fun. We feel actually semi – prepared for baby’s arrival now, well as prepared as you can feel I suppose. We have most of the essentials except for the bassinet which we are hopefully borrowing from someone, and we could probably use a few more diapers to get us through the first week or so. Are you interested in hearing more about the shower? I was thinking of doing a separate post of just shower details if people are interested. Apparently everyone who was at the shower wants to see me suffer though. We had a guess the baby’s birth weight game and everyone’s guesses were over 8lbs. There were lots of high 8’s low 9’s and even some 10’s!

That’s it for me for now, I will try and get better about posting in the next few weeks see if I can get back up to a regular 2 x per week schedule.


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