Welcome to Flimsy Lion! I’m Nikki and I’ve dabbled in blogging off and on since my first travel blog in 2010.  In the meantime I’ve enjoyed reading countless other blogs and gained inspiration from all over the web.

Having high tea in London with my friend Kandy


There has been a lot happening in my life this past year including turning 30, travelling to Australia, Europe and Hawaii, and now being pregnant for the first time! I plan to blog about these changes as well as anything that life happens to throw my way.

I am originally from and currently live in Toronto, Canada but I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and it’s now one of my greatest passions. After I graduated from University in 2009 I worked for a year to save and plan for a backpacking trip around the world. I travelled partly with friends and partly alone through Europe and Asia. I even met my partner on that trip! If you want to see all the places I’ve travelled click HERE.

Making new friends in Bali in 2010

In addition to travel I love books and reading, which I’m sure will feature prominently on the blog. I’m always looking for good book recommendations so don’t hesitate to send some my way.  I also love to cook (and eat!) but I’m not sure I’m good enough to come up with my own recipes yet, I mostly am just good at following instructions. We’ll see if this is an area that I expand into later.

I’ve lived most of my life in Toronto which is a pretty cool place to be. There’s usually a lot going on in the city, always new things to try and do and see. Other than Toronto and the four years I spent in Guelph for University, I also got the opportunity to live for six months in Hanoi, Vietnam. Living in another country is something I always wanted to do, I’m not sure six months was long enough to scratch that itch, I’d still like to give it another go somewhere else.

The local market near our apartment in Hanoi

Other things that may crop up on the blog? Fitness and lifestyle. I’ve probably tried as many diets and workouts as the next girl and I’m always looking for something that’s both a good workout, and fun. I did Muay Thai kickboxing for a while and even used to teach it. Now that I’m pregnant I’m on a whole new fitness adventure. Trying my best to stay fit while pregnant and I’m sure struggling to lose to baby weigh once the time comes. I always enjoyed reading other people’s pregnancy blogs and now I’m ready to add my own. Follow along to see where I end up.

Pregnancy Announcement at 14 weeks


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