Top Ten Tuesday – Winter To Read List

I did a few of these posts last summer, it’s a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and The Bookish every Tuesday. There’s a different theme each week, it’s a fun way to see what other people are reading and get recommendations for books you may not have chose to read otherwise. I already shared a few books I’m looking forward to reading on my Fall Reading List post, but here are eight books that I’d like to read this winter. Continue reading

June Book Round-up

The monthly book round-up is going to be a regular column on my blog. I’ve ¬†often been told that I have a rather unusual ability to read at ridiculous speeds (You mean it’s not normal to go through a book in a single day?) so I am going to put that to use here. I won’t be mentioning every book I read, but definitely the ones that stand out to me. Just a warning, I have very unusual taste in books, so the books will likely be all over the map. I also have a tendency to read multiple books at the same time as my mood affects what type of book I feel like reading at the moment. I always like book suggestions so if you have any, send them my way!

Red Rising – Pierce Brown (Red Rising Book #1)

I am at a loss of what category to put this book in, is it teen fantasy? Is it Adult Science Fiction? Not sure about this one. The author himself has come out to say that it is not a YA (young adult) novel and yet it inexplicably reads like one. In fact I’ve started the second book now and it seems to be following the general progression of most YA trilogies. The first book, usually on a smaller scale (often set in a school-like environment) has a more local plot with mostly young characters, then it all expands in the second book. Suddenly these young people are charged with solving the fate of their world. Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, they all follow this same sort of pattern. However, in terms of the violence and brutality, it’s almost on par with Game of Thrones. So I rest, unable to put this book in either category.

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