Amazing Race Canada S4 E2

Episode 2 of the Amazing Race Canada played last night on CTV and things are looking up for the series. After the mishap of one of the detours on the first episode they bounced back with some good challenges in Calgary and even a close sprint to the finish.

The episode began with them in Jasper receiving their first clue of the leg. Three buses were departing for Calgary and only three teams could get on each bus. No one managed to get lost so the bus order stayed the same as the previous finishes. Jill and Emmett, Steph and Kristen, and Stephane and Antoine were the first bus load. They arrived in Calgary to be greeted by the Mayor, the ever popular Naheed Nenshi. Continue reading

Amazing Race Canada Season 4

The biggest question for me heading into this season is whether they will finally go for a full international season. I get it, Canada is a great country, there are lots of amazing and varied places to see, but for me one of the most interesting parts is the travel around the world. I’m sure they’re trying to promote travel and tourism in Canada but to me by keeping it all within Canada they’re eliminating interesting aspects from the game. It’s one thing getting lost in your own country, it’s a whole other dynamic trying to navigate the streets of India, or China. Perhaps it’s a budgetary issue, the US is obviously a much larger country than Canada. However Amazing Race Canada is touted as one of the most successful Canadian television shows of all time, I think they can probably afford it. Not to mention there was an Australian version of the show that went for a few seasons and that series was international for every season. Fun fact: Australian actress Rebel Wilson’s brother and sister (Ryot and Liberty) were on the first season.

It becomes apparent within the first ten minutes that this season won’t be international *sigh* hopes dashed. It’s not like I won’t still watch it though…

It’s also apparent within a few minutes that the Amazing Race producers have once again attempted to make the contestants as diverse as possible. And they seem to want a girl-girl team to win. Of the ten teams there are five girl-girl teams, two guy-guy teams (now only one), and three mixed girl-guy teams. In three seasons so far only guy-guy teams have won, with Mickey and Pete somehow topping the very dominate Natalie and Meaghan. It took the US version of the Amazing Race seventeen seasons to have a girl duo win, I think the producers don’t want to wait that long. But maybe I’m reading too much into this… Continue reading